Good Morning Michael,
I wanted to let you know that we had the wedding of our daughter at our home on Sept. 26th. It was a beautiful Saturday and we had 56 guests. The arrangement and the space you and your team have built was just perfect to nicely accommodate all and we are grateful for the added support under the outward extension of the deck. The front side too was glistening attractive and befitting such an event. It was a great day - thank you and your team for the excellent work done.
Best Regards, Ziga

Dear Mr Gueguen,
I wish to express my thanks to you and your assistant for making such a fine and attractive ramp. It is a masterpiece of carpentry. Should I need similar projects, I shall surely call on you. Please express my thanks to your team for their excellent design and execution.
Best Wishes, Joel O.

Bend Custom Decks utilizes state of the art software design called Simpson Strong-Tie® DeckTools™. This gives us the capability to produce a series of 3D images created from your own personal design ideas. The below picture sets show the before image, the after image as well as the computer generated image that will show you what your deck or arbor will look like before it is built!